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Brivis ICE Add-on Refrigerated Cooling System

Would you like ICE with that?

Now you have decided on your Brivis heater, we can also provide you with year round comfort using cooling with the Brivis ICE series of Add-on products.Untitled11sfgg

Brivis ICE Add-on refrigerated cooling system is a fully integrated, refrigerated air conditioning system that provides cooled, filtered and dehumidified air through the same ductwork and grilles as your ducted gas heating system. Brivis ICE Add-on refrigerated cooling system range can be installed at the same time as your Brivis heater or at a later date.* So now you can have the best fully integrated heating and refrigerated cooling system, all designed and guaranteed to work seamlessly together. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can control your environment at the touch of a button. Call us today for a free quote!

How does Brivis ICE cool your home?

There are four simple processes in providing you with refrigerated cool air:

  • Air from inside the house is drawn and filtered through a return air grille.
  • The air then passes through an indoor cooling coil where the heat in the air is transferred to the refrigerant.
  • The cooled and dehumidified air passes through ductwork and into the rooms via the ceiling or floor vents.
  • The heat given off by the air passing though the indoor coil is carried by the refrigerant to an outdoor coil where it is dissipated to the outside air.


Brivis ICE Add-on refrigerated cooling system can be controlled by either the Brivis Networker or the Brivis Programmable Controller (for more information see page 9). The Brivis Networker enables you to create up to five separate zones. Combinations of up to four of these zones can be programmed to switch on and off as and when required.**

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